November, 23rd 2016
!distain is featured as track 1 with "December" on the new "Dark Pop Volume 1" cd-compilation along with for example Joachim Witt, A Spell Inside, Northern Lite, FrozenPlasma, and In Strict Confidence. Up to this the compilation contains the !distain remix of "Renaissance" (Sara Noxx). You can order the cd-compilation at POPoNAUT & Amazon.

August, 16th 2016
No. 09/16 of the "Sonic Seducer" magazine contains People Theatre's "Key Mix" of !distain's "Lighthouse Over The Horizon" on its cd compilation. You can order the magazine (incl. the cd) for example at Amazon.

July, 15th 2016
"The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016" signed by !distain

Alexander Braun & Manfred Thomaser have signed 20 double-cds of the "Archive Collection" and are ready to write a personal dedication for you. Tell us what you wish them to write. The signed 2cds are exclusively available at the !distain shop. The price for this special offer won't change. It will still be 17.45 Euros. This offer starts at July, 18th and ends July, 29th 2016. The cds will be sent at the beginning of August.

Unsigned 2cds can still be ordered here: Amazon, POPoNAUT, POP Market.

P.S. The !distain Shop has updated its product line. Visit our variation in merch.

July, 1st 2016
"The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016"

ScentAir Records & echozone have released !distain's "The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016" today. The limited edition double CD compilation contains a "best of demo recordings" set of 36 songs - including the band's first 4-track-tape recorded in the early 1990s for example and four previously unreleased demo songs recorded for !distain's seventh studio album "Rainbow Skies At Night".

The 2CD is available in Russia at Pop Market and in Germany at POPoNAUT. Find the cover and tracklist HERE.

May, 29th 2016
"Rainbow Skies At Night" - one year later...

One year ago echozone released "Rainbow Skies At Night". By taking a look at the chart positions we can thankfully say that !distain's 7th studio album has been the most successful up to date. Thanks a lot for all the support.

• Album "Rainbow Skies At Night" #2 (GEWC) / #8 (DAC)
• Single "Where In This World" #5 (GEWC) / #6 (DAC)
• Single "A Million Engines" #3 (GEWC) / #5 (DAC)
• Single "Gunfires" #2 (GEWC) / #13 (DAC)
• Single "December" #1 (GEWC)

DAC = German Alternative Charts / GEWC = German Electronic WebCharts

May, 10th 2016
"The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016" (2CD release info)

The well known Russian label ScentAir Records will release !distain's archive collection on CD for the very first time. The project is based on the "special edition digital download series" released in 2013 & 2014 via echozone. But as time has moved on the new co-operation goes beyond this.

The double CD compilation "The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016" contains a "best of demo recordings" set of 36 songs which starts with the band's first demo tape recorded in the early 1990s. Those were the days when tracks like "World Of Stone" and "Confession" caught the interest of Chrom Records which became the band's first label. Today both songs and many others like "Yet So Far Away", "Sex'n'Cross", "Mandragore", "Mein Weg" and "Monokultur" belong to the classic synthpop and electro songs  made in Germany.

Besides this the 2cd contains songs like "Boring Monday" and "Space09" which were unknown to the public until the release of the "special edition series". "The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016" ends with previously unreleased demo material recorded for !distain's seventh studio album "Rainbow Skies At Night" which was published in 2015.

The 2CD will be available in Russia, the UK and Germany via Poponaut and other Mailorder-Shops. Release dates: June, 15th 2016 (Russia) and July, 1st 2016 (Germany). You can already order the 2CD at POPoNAUT.

Listen to a special mix of a few tracks HERE. Find the cover and tracklist HERE.

May, 1st 2016
New solo project
Manfred Thomaser has set-up a brand new solo project called The Independent Seasons. The debut album "Songs from the Core Kit" was released April, 27th 2016. You can listen to the complete album on YouTube. Buy the album at Amazon or iTunes.

April, 22th 2016
Special fan single edition
As a special thanks to Rick Prokein, who has left the band recently, !distain & echozone have released a special fan single edition for free today: "Blackberry Morning". The single contains previously unreleased "Blackberry Morning" remixes by DJ Oren Amram and Isaac Junkie. Up to this Alex Braun and Manfred Thomaser included a rare People Theatre remix of "Lighthouse Over The Horizon". Download the single for free HERE. Click on "Buy Now" and type 0,00. Then you will see the download button.
P.S. This free download offer will end on May, 13th 2016. From then on the single will be sold via iTunes, Amazon etc.

April, 15th 2016
A change in the band's line-up & a new cooperation partner
After four most productive years, Rick Prokein has decided to leave !distain. Already since 2005, Rick Prokein had supported the band’s live line-up on the keyboards and percussions. In November 2011, he became an official band member and contributed the vocals to songs like "Hole In The Moon", "Monokultur", and "Gunfires". Alexander Braun and Manfred Thomaser are planning to continue the band’s work as a duo.

Rick Prokein: "It was a damn good time, which I will never forget. Anyway it is time to find out what I can achive on my own. Let's wait and see if I can do without Alex and Manfred.
Alexander Braun: "Rick has been a very important part of !distain. And he will be forever. What we experienced together belongs to the best times of my life. I will miss him..."
Manfred Thomaser: "Rick will be missed a lot. The time we have spent together in the studio or on stage has always been very creative and humorous.”

Recently, !distain and echozone have signed a co-operation contract with the russian label ScentAir Records (SAR). The first SAR release will be the album "The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016". This double-cd contains songs taken from the band's archive collection, which was released by echozone as digital download  in 2013 & 2014. Songs like those of the first demo tape the band ever recorded in the early 1990s will be available on cd for the very first time. Additionally, Alexander Braun and Manfred Thomaser have been back to the archive to search for demo versions !distain recorded to prepare for their latest studio album "Rainbow Skies At Night". The release date of the 2cd "The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016" will be published as soon as we have it.

April, 9th 2016
New WANT/ed ep feat. !distain
WANT/ed have released a free download ep called "Every Silver Lining". Among others the ep contains two remixes feat. !distain. You can download the ep HERE.

March, 5th 2016
No. 200 of the "Orkus" magazine contains !distain's GEWC & DAC hit "Gunfires" on its cd compilation.

No. 03/16 of the Sonic Seducer magazine contains !distain's GEWC no.1 hit "December" on its latest cd compilation "Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 175".

February, 26th 2016
New !distain solo releasse
Today echozone released Arsine Tibé's brand new mini-album "An Ambience Of Dying". The instrumental download release contains five songs. Listen to the complete album on Bandcamp. You can buy "An Ambience Of Dying" at Amazon & iTunes.
Release info:
Arsine Tibé - "An Ambience Of Dying"
release date: February, 26th 2016
cover picture & artwork: Seyhan
music: Manfred Thomaser
label: echozone

January, 30th 2016
Release info & Chrom Records retrospective
On February, 25th ScentAir Records release the new WANT/ed album "Fringe" incl. "Talking Dead" (feat. !distain).

On February, 26th 2016 echozone will publish Arsine Tibé's brand new mini-album "An Ambience Of Dying". The instrumental download release contains five songs. Cover & tracklist!

Chrom Records have set up a retrospective including a lot of information about the bands, releases and the label itself.

January, 11th 2016
Chart Info
The latest !distain single "December" has reached #1 at the GEWC.

January, 4th 2016
Chart Info
Happy new year!
The latest !distain single "December" has reached #3 at the GEWC.