December, 27th 2009
Three cd-compilations have been released in December 2009 containing music by !distain and other bands. Here is a short overview containing the album-title and the !distain track:
- Traumfaenger Vol. 9 ("Eines Tages")
- Gothic File 10 ("the FLA" - !distain vs Rotersand) - this cd is part of the "Gothic" magazine no. 66
- Gothic Compilation Vol. 46 ("the FLA" - !distain vs Rotersand)
On January, 8th, 2010 there is another compilation waiting for you which contains a previously unreleased remix:
- Fx Radio Vol. 2 ("the City II" feat. Tania Murray / emhead remix)

December, 4th 2009
!distain - Anthology 1992-2010 (Deep Symmetry / Rough Trade)
We have uploaded two brand new tracks on myspace: "Confession 2009" & "Hole In The Moon". Both will be released on the forthcoming 2cd "Anthology 1992-2010".

October, 19th 2009
!distain - Anthology 1992-2010 (Deep Symmetry / Rough Trade)
Five studio-records and one remix-album later it is time to put the wheel of history into reverse: !distain have finished the forthcoming 2CD: "Anthology 1992-2010" containing a "best of" compilation and many previously unreleased songs - recorded between 1992 and 2009. Tracks like "Confession", "Conversation Overkill", "Tears Of Joy", "Sex'n'Cross" and the DAC (German Alternative Charts) top-ten-hit "Mandragore" are closely connected to the national and international scenes of electronic music.
All of these songs are to be found on CD1 which contains 15 tracks from all five studio-records plus three brand new songs recorded in 2009. CD2 includes previously unreleased audio-material only. For the very first time, fans will be able to listen to two demos recorded by Oliver Faig and Alexander Braun before the original line-up split. Three tracks from the early days, composed by Braun have been re-recorded and produced by French sound wizard Peter Rainman. A co-operation between Oliver Faig and Manfred Thomaser from 1999 will be available for the first time, just like other archive-songs and three brand new recordings from 2009. Up to this CD2 contains four video-clips … two of them previously unreleased. The "Anthology 1992-2010" will be released in January 2010.

August, 6th 2009
New live-clips
July, 18th saw !distain on stage in Munich ("Free & Easy" festival). Four video-clips from this night have been uploaded on youtube and myspace: "Mandragore", "Sex'n'Cross", "The City" and "Don't Look Back".

More !distain concert-dates:
October, 16th, 2009 Cologne, Underground (Tickets)
October, 17th, 2009 Hannover, Labor
December, 12th, .2009 Augsburg, Kantine

June, 28th 2009
New live-clips
April, 25th 2009 saw !distain on stage in Erfurt (Synthetic Air-Furt festival). Three video-clips from this night have been uploaded on youtube and myspace: "Strange Affection", "Love Machine" und "You Mean Everything".

June, 18th 2009
Chaotic Brain (Arsine Tibé remix)
The !distain audio-player on myspace has been updated. Feel free to listen to Arsine Tibé's remix of "Chaotic Brain". Theoriginal version of this track was composed in February/March 2002 by Alexander and Manfred but has never been released.

May, 23rd 2009
New concert-dates
There are four new !distain concert-dates for Germany:
July, 18th, 2009 Munich, Backstage Werk (free entrance)
October, 16th, 2009 Cologne, Underground (Tickets)
October, 17th, 2009 Hannover, Labor
December, 12th, .2009 Augsburg, Kantine

April, 22nd 2009
Dunkle Zeit
!distain are very close to finish all songs for the "Anthology" album. One of the new tracks ("Dunkle Zeit") will be presented for the very first time on stage on April, 25th, 2009 in Erfurt.
Festival-Info: synthetic air-furt

April, 6th 2009
Exclusive !distain songs
Everyone who pre-orders tickets for the the third "synthetic air-furt" festival at POPoNAUT will be given a free-cd at the entrance including two exclusive !distain songs and many more tracks from the festival-bands.
1. le clap - Manipulation erwünscht 2. EMMON - wake up time 3. Universal Poplab - fame & hate (single version) 4. !distain - the city 2009 5. Channel East - feel heaven, feel free 6. ReActivate - believe me 7. deZeption - poison fruits (SAF3 version) 8. Ultima Bleep - x the i's and dot the t's (Funker Vogt Mix) 9. Roboti - apartment on the moon 10. Caisaron - Knebel (radio version) 11. !distain - remote control (ignorance mix by DJ Xaler) 12. Final Selection - mystify (the grand mix) 13. ZyniC - rescue me
Snippet-audio: synthetic air-furt

March, 17th 2009
New live-clips
October, 25th 2008 saw !distain on stage in Bratislava. Three video-clips from this evening have been uploaded on youtube and myspace: "I Beg For You" (live), "Confession" (live) und "Conversation Overkill" (rehearsal).

February, 11th 2009
Live in Erfurt - Ticket-Info
You can order your "synthetic air-furt" festival-tickets at POPoNAUT!

January, 18th 2009
Live in Erfurt
!distain play live at the 3rd "synthetic air-furt" festival on April, 25th, 2009 in Erfurt. The festival starts April, 24th featuring the following bands: Auto Auto (SE), Channel East (GER), deZeption (DK), final selection (GER), Le Clap (GER), Roboti (RUS), Ultima Bleep (GER), ReActivate (D), Universal Poplab (SE) and !distain (GER). Info-link