November, 22nd 2006
"Voices & Machines" - the Chinese Theatre debut-album - has been released. The cd contains "History Forecast" feat. !distain (plus three remixes of the track). More info HERE

The compilation "elektrisch! 2", containing !distain's remix of "We Are Lovers" (Camouflage), is to be released January, 26th 2007.

October, 12th 2006
The extended version of !distain's "We Are Lovers" remix (Camouflage) will exclusively be released in January 2007 as part of the compilation "elektrisch! 2". More info (in german) HERE

October, 1st 2006
New Essexx album - containing a remix by !distain

Essexx (Sara Noxx and Dust Of Basement's Sven Wolff) announce their album “Bridges” to be released in January 2007. The album will contain duet and remix collaborations with electronic-artists like !distain, Psyche, The Fair Sex and The Invincible Spirit. More info: and

September, 13th 2006
!distain have finished a club-remix for Camouflage's "We Are Lovers". Up to this they have produced an extended version of their remix. More info is to follow.

August, 17th 2006
On myspace you can listen to four !distain songs in full length - including two tracks from the actual longplayer "Synthphony REMIXed: !distain". HERE

July, 31st 2006
!distain are close to finish their fifth studio-longplayer. So far the band can not say anything about which label is going to release the album and when.

A remix of "Chromatics" has been finished by !distain for Essexx (a side-project established by Sara Noxx and Sven Wolff). The remix is said to be released at the end of 2006.

Alexander Braun und Remi Szyszka (ex-Psyche) have set up a so far untitled side-project. Actually both are working on finishing their first album.

June, 26th 2006
Please find a new Chinese Theatre song feat. !distain on myspace: "History Forecast". HERE

May, 21st 2006
Tomorrow Synthphony Records is going to release a brand new album called: "Always On Our Minds - A Tribute to the Pet Shop Boys". The CD is limited to 1.000 copies and contains a cover-song by !distain.

1. Love Comes Quickly - Intuition
2. Opportunities - Chinese Theatre
3. Red Letter Day - Eloquent
4. Heart - Essex
5. Domino Dancing - New Concept
6. In The Night - Northern Electric
7. Paninaro - Thermostatic
8. Rent - Sara Noxx
9. It's a Sin - XP8
10. So Hard - Richter
11. West End Girls - !distain feat. Katrin P.
12. King's Cross - Foretaste
13. What Have I Done to Deserve This? - Junobot

More information: HERE

March, 19th 2006
Brand new !distain t-shirts can be ordered from now on via POPoNAUT. Two different shirts have been made: One for the ladies and one for the boys.

Order your girlie-shirt: HERE
Order your boy-shirt: HERE

The new album "Synthphony REMIXed: !distain" is available HERE

March, 11th 2006
DJ RAM, A Different Drum & are currently running a remix contest! The most interesting results, as judged by A Different Drum representatives and Virtual Server, will be included on the limited edition bonus disc of the new Virtual Server album "Setup" coming out later this year through the American label: A Different Drum. At the moment, the following acts have already confirmed their participation in the project: !distain, Iris, Rename, Echo Image, Assemblage 23, Colony 5, Perfidious Words, Wave In Head, The Promise, P24, Color Theory, Psyche & Syrian.

If you are interested to give it a shot, please send your requests for the remix-kits to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Deadline for submitting the final version of your remix is 10 of April, 2006.

More details:

March, 9th 2006
!distain will be back on stage on May, 6th 2006. The concert will take place at the Markthalle in Hamburg.

March, 4th 2006
"Synthphony REMIXed: !distain" has been released yesterday. If you are living in Europe please order your CD via POPoNAUT : HERE!

February, 14th 2006 Part I
"Synthphony REMIXed: !distain" can be ordered from now on via POPoNAUT. This will be important for Europe: Please order your CD here!

February, 14th 2006 Part II
People living outside Europe please order your CD here:

February, 13th 2006
"Synthphony REMIXed: !distain" will be released on 3rd of March 2006. The album is strictly limited to 1.000 CDs. The first 250 copies contain a !distain poster. More info is to follow.

January, 17th 2006
Chinese Theatre have finished their song "History Forecast" for the forthcoming album of the scandinavian band which features !distain on lyrics and vocals. You can listen to a short version on: