Maid Of Freedom
(Release: October, 5th 2018)

01. Maid Of Freedom
02. Zivilisation
03. This Ain't True
04. Maid Of Freedom (A Modern Effigy Remix)


(Release: August, 31st 2018)

01. SynthPopBoy
02. Inside-Out (feat. Oren Amram & Baruch Friedland)
03. Motivation (Instrumental)
04. SynthPopBoy (Parralox Remix)
05. SynthPopBoy (A Modern Effigy Remix)


blackberry morning
(Release: April, 22th 2016)

1. blackberry morning (oren amram's strawberry evening club remix)
2. blackberry morning (oren amram's orchestral remix)
3. lighthouse over the horizon (people theatre's key mix)
4. blackberry morning (isaac junkie tr mix)


(Release: October, 16th 2015)

1. December (Single Mix)
2. December (Silica Gel Extended Remix)
3. December (Oliver Faig Mix)
4. December (Arl3cch1no's Always Ultra Bloody Remix)
5. Confession (Lazzo Clubmix)
6. December (Instrumental Album Mix)
7. December (DJ Ram Mix No 1)


(Release: July, 24th 2015)

1. gunfires (album version)
2. gunfires (oren amram remix)
3. gunfires (tom xor remix)
4. mediaeval future


a million engines
(Release: February, 20th 2015)

1. a million engines (album version)
2. a million engines (lazzo club mix feat. karin bolin derne)
3. a million engines (dj ram & babymax mix)
4. a million b-sides (feat. shaked & oren amram)
5. a million engines (WANT/ed short mix)
6. a million engines (album instrumental)
7. where in this world (oren amram 7" mix)

cover-picture: Selina IriS with partial use of Hubble Space Telescope image, Subaru Telescope (NAOJ), Robert Gendler, Roberto Colombari
cover-design: Selina IriS (


where in this world (feat. elektrostaub)
(Release: November, 14th 2014)

01. where in this world (album version)
02. where in this world (elektrofish remix)
03. vor deinem fenster (exclusive track)
04. where in this world (lazzo club remix)
05. where in this world (instrumental album version)


live in cologne e.p.
(Release: September, 14th 2012)

1. remote control (live)
2. soldiers (live)
3. I beg for you (live)
4. sex’n’cross (live)


the 6th floor / instructed by the devil
(Release: June, 15th 2012)

1. the 6th floor (!distain radio mix)
2. instructed by the devil (original version)
3. she's lost control (people theatre feat. !distain)
4. sheer-madness (instrumental)
5. the 6th floor (lakobeil remix)
6. instructed by the devil (sd set me free remix)
7. values of trust (planet pop mix)
8. the 6th floor (instrumental !distain radio mix)


monokultur (special fan edition)
(Release: March, 16th 2012)

1. monokultur (paralyzed remix by rico hüllermeier)
2. monokultur (the dark unspoken remix)
3. monokultur (stereo remix by conscience)
4. monokultur (bionic remix)


(Release: December, 09th 2011)

1. Monokultur (Short Remix)
2. Monokultur (Minerve Remix – Mixed By Kinskinoize)
3. What Do You Want From Me (Lastrax Remix)
4. Monokultur (Open Your Mind Mix)
5. Monokultur (Restless Mix)
6. Monokultur (Extended Mix)
7. Monokultur (People Theatre’s Edge Mix)
8. Monokultur (Instrumental Album Version)




(Release: 2008)

  1. Mandragore (Album Version)
  2. the FLA (!distain vs Rotersand)
  3. the FLA (ReActivate Mix)
  4. Mandragore (Silica Gel Mix)
  5. the League (feat. Henrik Iversen)
  6. the FLA (Turned On Mix feat. Rasc of Rotersand)
  7. the FLA (Exilanation Mix)
  8. the FLA (Sonic Decoy Mix)
  9. the FLA (Original Turned On Mix - Edit Version)
10. Mandragore (Instrumental)
11. White Orange Tree (Instrumental)


(Release: 2004)

1. Sex'n'Cross (Single Edit)
2. Sex'n'Cross (Club Mix)
3. Sex'n'Cross (Obsession Mix)
4. Sex'n'Cross (Memphis Mix)
5. Sex'n'Cross (Chur-Chill Mix)
6. The Boss (Original Version)


(Release: 2003)

1. America (Radio Edit)
2. Nights In White Satin
3. Are You Independent?
4. America (Texas Mix)
5. America (Memphis Mix)


(Remix EP / 1999)

1. Tears Of Joy (Radio Mix)
2. Tears Of Joy (Gareth Jones Club Mix)
3. She's Gone
4. No Excuse
5. Tears Of Joy (Gareth Jones Chill Out Mix)


(Release: 1996)

1. Conversation Overkill
2. Infinity
3. Keep My Illusion


(Release: 1995)

1. Confession
2. You Mean Everything
3. Whispering Love
4. Smells Like Teen Spirit