"Raise The Level"

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Alle Songtexte: Manfred Thomaser
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"the FLA": Alex Braun

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all lyrics by: Manfred Thomaser
"the FLA": Alex Braun


I was riding on a horse
crossing the universe
speeding up to the maximum
galloping my own life away

trees became forests
lakes became oceans
surprisingly windows were eyes
I turned myself into a dying star
and suddenly I saw a light

surfing the universe
I’ve left the milkyway
I’ve found a place to stay

that single day when I met you
I finally found my home
lost but happy – followed you
into the brightest night

wrapped around the internet
we met like strangers in a bed
I’ve never been in a fret
since we’ve met with a smile
with a smile you make a pile
wrapped around the internet
curiously undressing our souls

Here In Silence

I’ve come a long way
to see you again
my heaven’s waiting
to meet you again

deep inside me
an aggressive attitude
now I’m waiting
to be in the right mood

here in silence
a fading memory
a room to call
hear my violence
this road ain’t heaven
silence ain’t yours

now I am wasting
wasting my time
can’t wait any longer
I am on my way

From Horizon To Horizon

instead of asking me
you think you understand
but only I can really tell
what my words are all about

my life is like a country-side
without a place to hide
no hills, no forests, no anything
the landscape has changed

from horizon to horizon
I keep waving - why don’t you turn around
and tell me what you see
from horizon to …

my sleeping dogs don’t shit
I think you understand
and I do not believe in what you say
in how wrong I am

my life is like a place to hide
far off the country-side
no roads, no places, no anything
the landscape has changed


it is said man hides behind a beard
why do women use make-up
it is the big life that makes this happen
or is it just fear

something must break
don’t let them break you

working night and day
working the assembly line
a factory called planet earth
what are we working for

I have seen it all before
but now - being confrontated to it all
I can not cope
I don’t know why
what are we working for

21st Century Girl

a whirlpool full of dreams
she came to town at night
neon lights and rainy minds
inviting her from now on

didn’t like what she saw
she still remembered yesterday
neon lights guided her way
and she stayed to forget

21st century girl
chained by neon-light

she had sex with different people
and changed her rainbow nights
changed from bright to grey
she locked her eyes

Lighthouse Over The Horizon

how many jokes have been celebrated on your back
how often have you been awake in your dreams
there is always a door left to open
what to do without the key

I’ve seen a light far away
there’s a lighthouse over the horizon
come close to me …

how often have you asked yourself to change your world
how many times have you been unable to act
I tell you where to go - trust in me
there’s a lighthouse over the horizon

Pop Song

pop music is like funny little birds
a shining breakfast in the morning sun
and while the piano gently plays this song
you take my hand

this is the end of sadness - this is love
let’s get lost in a beautiful madness - this is love

please don’t declare this to be a dream
can you feel my hands - they are warm
when we first met I set up this theme
I composed a pure and naked tone

Love Machine

entangled in a political thread
my horizon was burning
red skies across the system
no limits tonight she said
all red carpets must burn some day

here you walk in theme
there they call your name
sexy economical love machine

I tried to escape from her body
she moved faster and grooved
oh heaven my skin was melting
when she went down on me
all red carpets must burn some day

the next day in the papers
naked on the floor
the pictures, the scandal
committing suicide - the only way out


jetzt, oh herr, in der dunkelsten stund’
da sich der hass seinen weg geebnet
bin ich bereit zu toeten
bin ich bereit zu morden

die kraft des wortes ist verebbt
keine zeit fuer lange reden
das buch der erkenntnis ist gelesen
aus ihren lippen strahlen luegen

today I filled the emptiness
I was hanging around
a brain-kiss left to shake
burning out tonight

jetzt, oh herr, bin ich bereit
die frucht der furcht verheisst reiche ernte
hoerst du das geheul
niemand fuehrt ein schlechtes leben
doch angst verfuehrt den ton

the FLA

fortune smiled on you haunted by visions
now force yourself to take some decisions
at the end of the day you will see what can be
the triggered words cannot prove what you see

you’ll never find the perfect moment
till you know who you are
was uns von der wahrheit trennt
ist manchmal ganz wunderbar
look behind the scenes be on the right track
exert yourself to get precious things back
at the end of the day you will just begin
and show the world: let those laugh who win

und kommt die zeit der stille
pick up where you left off
ist es auch nicht dein wille
you gonna turn it off

East At Last

in the year 2865
two human beings
were sent on a mission
called „adam & eve“

they were to find
a new place to live in outer space
a new world to dwell
a new planet to set up human existence

they never returned
they never gave us a sign
and we who are left behind
still don’t know
what is going to happen to us
anyway, only a few remained

we have found
east at last